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  • The silent epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

    Did you know that 10% of the world's population is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease? And that 30% is at risk of developing this illness? Furthermore, according to the World's Health Organization, kidney disease will be the number 5 cause of death by 2040.

    Over 850 million people all around the world are suffering from this condition, and the numbers are rising dramatically.Because it is not uncommon for people to lose up to 90% of their kidney function before getting any symptoms, a lot of people go undiagnosed in a stage where they could have initiated actions to slow or avert worsening of the kidney function.

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  • How Nyrami empowers kidney patients

    There is also a strong correlation between parallel conditions such as diabetes or hypertension and CKD. Furthermore, lifestyle and nutrition has a considerable impact on the progression of the disease at all stages, especially the early ones.Nyrami is a platform that provides vital information and tailored recommendations for its users, whether they are at risk of developing CKD, have parallel conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, or are in the later stages of the disease.

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  • Tailored for each stage of CKD

    Correct information is key to deal with CKD and each stage has its own challenges. Nyrami provides helpful information and tools such as dietary plans taking into account the stage of the kidney disease in which the users are, and also their eventual parallel conditions.

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What is your situation?

  • I am at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease

    Nyrami platform cares about people's kidney health and offers a proactive approach for those at risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Our goal is to provide those with the necessary tools and resources to maintain optimal kidney function and reduce the risk of developing CKD.

    One of the key features of Nyrami is education and awareness about the risk factors for the CKD. The platform provides detailed information about healthy lifestyle habits that can help maintain kidney health, such as maintaining a healthy blood pressure, controlling blood glucose levels, maintaining a proper weight, and avoiding excessive consumption of salt and non-nutritious foods.

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  • I have Diabetes (type 1 or 2)

    Nyrami platform is designed to offer a comprehensive approach to managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Our goal is to provide patients with the tools and resources necessary to control their blood glucose levels, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and prevent long-term complications.

    One of the key features of Nyrami is continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels. The platform allows users to conveniently record and track their glucose levels by manually entering the data. This provides patients with a clear overview of their glycemic control over time, enabling them to identify patterns and make informed decisions about their treatment and lifestyle.

    Nyrami also offers personalized recommendations for diet and physical activity. The platform provides healthy meal plans tailored to the individual needs of each patient, taking into account factors such as the type of diabetes and glucose levels. Additionally, suggestions for exercise and suitable physical activities are offered to help control glucose levels and promote an active life.
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  • I have Kidney Failure (stage 1 - 5)

    Nyrami platform is specifically designed to provide comprehensive support to individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in all stages. We understand the unique challenges faced by patients with this disease and are committed to providing them with the necessary tools and resources to improve their health condition.

    For patients in the early stages of the CKD, Nyrami offers the necessary tracking and monitoring tools for key renal function metrics. Users can record and track their creatinine levels, glomerular filtration rate, and other relevant markers. This allows them to have more control over condition of their kidneys and detect any early changes or deterioration. Additionally, the platform provides specific education and resources on how to maintain healthy renal function in these stages, including recommendations on diet, hydration, exercise, and meditation.

    As kidney failure progresses, Nyrami becomes a reliable companion for patients. The platform offers a wide range of simple but useful and lifesaving educational resources to help users better understand their condition and the available treatments. It also provides personalized diet recommendations to accommodate each patient's individual needs. Nyrami will be constantly updated, ensuring that users have access to accurate, crucial, accessible, and reliable information.

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  • I receive Dialysis Treatment (Hemo or Peritoneal)

    Nyrami platform provides educational resources and specific recommendations for self-care during dialysis treatment. Patients can access guides on diet, as well as tips on how to manage common side effects of dialysis through tip capsules, such as fatigue and body changes that may occur.

    Nyrami facilitates connection and support among patients undergoing dialysis. The platform features an online community where users can share experiences and provide mutual support. This creates a safe space where patients can find emotional support from people going through similar experiences and using the platform globally.

    Nyrami platform offers comprehensive support to individuals undergoing hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments. Through monitoring, personalized care, and a supportive community, Nyrami is dedicated to improving the patient experience during dialysis treatments and helping them maintain a good quality of life.

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  • I have gone through Transplant

    Nyrami provides a personalized tracking and monitoring tool for transplant patients. Users can record and track their immunosuppressive medications, creatinine levels, blood pressure, and other relevant parameters. This allows patients to have more precise control over their kidney health and detect any changes or potential early complications.

    Nyrami also offers a risk assessment tool that allows users to determine their level of risk for developing kidney failure. Based on individual risk factors, the platform provides personalized recommendations and suggestions to improve lifestyle habits and reduce the risk of kidney disease.

    For individuals who have undergone a kidney transplant, the Nyrami platform provides comprehensive support during their recovery process and in the post-transplant era. Our goal is to help patients maintain a healthy kidney, prevent rejection, and enjoy a high quality of life.

    The platform also offers personalized recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle after transplantation. This includes guidance on the appropriate diet to promote kidney health and prevent undesired weight gain, as well as advice on safe and recommended physical activity. Nyrami also provides information on post-transplant care, such as the importance of taking immunosuppressive medications as prescribed and how to recognize signs of rejection or complications. Additionally, it provides reminders for taking immunosuppressive medications at the exact time, which is an essential part of their daily life.

    Nyrami platform is aware of the fact that close relatives of patients play a crucial role in their well-being and care. That's why we offer comprehensive support and useful resources to help relatives better understand and manage their loved ones' condition by providing parallel access to the platform and assisting the patient in disease management.

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  • I am next to kin of someone with Kidney Disease

    Nyrami provides practical resources and personalized recommendations to help close relatives effectively care for and support patients. This includes information on proper diet and nutrition, recommendations on how to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, and tips for managing common situations and challenges that may arise.

    The platform also provides a space for close relatives to connect with other caregivers in similar situations. This creates a supportive community where relatives can share experiences, exchange advice, and provide each other with emotional support. The platform fosters solidarity and mutual support among close relatives, which can be comforting and beneficial during difficult times.

    In summary, the Nyrami platform provides comprehensive support to close relatives of patients. Through information, communication with the patient, and a dedicated community, Nyrami is dedicated to helping close relatives understand, care for, and support patients effectively.

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What features does Nyrami offer?

Explore the different features our platform provides!

Personal Dashboard

Visualize your health in a graph: track your vital metrics and see your progress in real time. One graphic = 1000 pages of text.

Food Recommender

AI food recommender for Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and Hypertension: suggests suitable food based on health conditions.

Exercise Library

Regularly updated physical exercises based on the disease stage are provided.

Information Menu

Updated information for each stage of , Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and Hypertension


Reminders for medications and treatments in Kidney Disease.

Recipes library

We have over 5000 different recipes to choose from that will contribute to improving your health.

Nyrami Application

Download Nyrami in Android or IOS

Why do I need Nyrami?

Nyrami is designed to help individuals with Kidney Disease to reduce and reverse the progression of their condition. By providing personalized guidance and recommendations for proper nutrition and lifestyle, Nyrami enables users to take control of their kidneys health and improve their overall well-being.

Is it safe to use Nyrami?

Yes. The platform is developed with the guidance of healthcare and nutrition professionals and takes into consideration individual health conditions and Kidney Disease stages. The personalized recommendations provided by Nyrami are based on scientific research and aim to support users in making informed choices for their kidneys health.

Can I use Nyrami for my loved ones and family?

Absolutely! Nyrami can be used not only by individuals with kidney disease but also by their loved ones and family members who are involved in supporting their journey to healthier days. The platform can provide valuable information and guidance for anyone looking to adopt a kidney-friendly lifestyle.

How can Nyrami help me?

Proper and accurate information is the key in combating kidney disease. Nyrami helps you by providing guidance for nutrition and lifestyle choices specific to your kidney disease stage and individual needs. It assists you in making informed decisions about the right foods to eat and helps you

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